Mastering Contract Management

The Contract is at the core of all commercial transactions and contracts management is a core competency of all successful organizations. The best organizations in the world understand the benefits…

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Pipeline Operations and Maintenance

Pipeline systems for oil and gas industry play important role in modern industrial operations. The purpose of this training course is to present basic characteristics of efficient operation of pipelines…

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Power & Distribution Transformers (2020)
Electricity Towers

Power & Distribution Transformers (2020)

This training course is designed to provide participants with the skills to understand the requirements of a comprehensive Testing, Analysis and Troubleshooting I order to maintain and prevent major faults…

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Performance Management & Appraisal

In addition to being an exercise in dealing with complexity of tasks, management and supervision of teams carries the additional burden of law and procedure that must be respected. This…

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Internal control and Fraud Prevention (ISO31000)

Internal control and Fraud Prevention (ISO31000)

Risk is a part of business. Managing risk is a part of good business. Through Internal control and Fraud prevention training we give management and staff the necessary tools to…

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