Engineering and Construction Contracts Management (NEC 3)

A big part of winning tender bids is decided on the price, therefore the ability to price correctly is a critical success factor. In order for pricing to be done correctly, the appropriate cost information and relevant estimation for those costs must be available. This program teaches delegates critical skills and techniques and how to use them to achieve the correct pricing of construction contracts.

Areas to be covered include;

  • The conceptual framework
  • Procurement and tendering
  • Measurement of quantities
  • Quantity estimating
  • Client Closing
  • Tender pricing
  • Contract completion

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Protection of Personal Information

The course will offer an explanation of the protection of personal information legislative framework, key concepts and principles of privacy. It will present delegates with all of the knowledge necessary for them to be able to apply their knowledge in the work space. The objective is to give delegates an expert working knowledge so that they can go back to their places of employment and play a pivotal role in ensuring that their organizations know the importance of, and do everything necessary to become compliant with, the provisions of the Protection Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPl”).

  • The Protection of Personal Information Act (2013)
  • Information quality
  • Practical implementation of POPI
  • Processing personal information
  • Notification of processing
  • Administration of the act
  • Codes of conduct
  • Direct marketing
  • International transfer of information
  • Enforcement and sanctions
  • General provisions

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Water purification and Waster water treatment

This WORKSHOP is intended for people who are responsible for supervising the operation of individual processes on a water and wastewater works and who are at the same time responsible for coordinating all processes on the works during a shift to ensure that it functions as an integrated whole. A person attending this workshop will be able to operate and control a water-works or/and wastewater works within the context of legislation and work policies and procedures. Delegates will be able to issue instructions on the operations of the works.

Program highlights;

  • South African water sources
  • Raw water quality
  • Water chemistry
  • Disinfection
  • National water Act and other legislation
  • Waste water quality
  • Sludge treatment
  •  Oxidation ponds
  • Management of Effluent

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Employment Equity

The Employment Equity Amendment Act 47 (2013) introduced stiffer measures against employers who do not take matters of equity seriously. With non-compliance attracting fines of up to R3000000 or 10% of annual turnover under, it is imperative for designated employees to understand the legislation and be able to create, Implement and evaluate Employment Equity Plans. The purpose of an Employment Equity Plan is to enable the employer to achieve reasonable progress towards employment equity, to assist in elimination of discrimination and give rise to a workforce that is representative of the general population

Program highlights;

  • Understanding the Employment Equity Act
  • Discrimination
  • Employment Equity planning and diversity management
  • Employment equity committees
  • Affirmative action
  • Disciplinary codes
  • Employment equity reports

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Supervisory Skills for team leaders

In addition to being an exercise in dealing with complexity of tasks, management and supervision of teams carries the additional burden of law and procedure that must be respected. This training course is precisely about striking a balance between the two while producing the best possible results from the team.

Program highlights

  • Performance management theory
  • Poor performance
  • Incapacity
  • Ill health and injury
  • Counselling
  • Disciplinary skills
  • Motivation

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The course Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides fundamental information on the principles, procedures; terminology, techniques and tools used in the field of purchasing and supply management. Current practices are examined, providing learners with up-to-date knowledge and skills to operate successfully in various enterprises.

Program highlights;

  • Planning procurement
  • Contract and purchase law
  • Inventory management
  • Documentation and procedure
  • Service supply chains
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate social responsibility

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All the above programs include the following features;

  • Customised case studies.
  • High quality specific materials
  • Participation based approach to the program.
  • We offer both in-house and off-site training