We are a training company that delivers skills programmes and courses presented by industry professionals and academics to businesses across southern Africa. Our training team members are carefully selected and assessed to ensure that they have the solid academic knowledge, combined with the necessary practical experience and communication skills to deliver a complete course experience.

We offer an experience that approaches the subject with an emphasis on how to apply its methods and techniques effectively in the real world. In so doing we deliver programmes that look at both the big picture and small picture (the bottom line and the fine print).

  • All our training programmes are customised to our clients’ need.
  • All our workshops are supported with high quality materials, designed and written specifically for each and every client.
  • Training and consulting interventions are participatory.
  • Our programmes ignite enthusiasm and inspire, and they accurately reflect clients’ objectives, culture and climate.
  • We develop your own real life situations into case studies highlighting immediate practical applications, making skill development as natural, beneficial and as useful as possible.
  • We offer both in-house and off-site training.